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Hub of professionals and navigation enthusiasts

Yacht Pro Hub proposes an innovative approach, for boat owners and enthusiasts, offering a single point of contact for all-round professional services.
El objetivo del HUB es promover una cultura náutica responsable, consciente y de calidad. A través de veinte años de experiencia, ponemos a su disposición un equipo altamente cualificado que puede apoyarle desde la compra hasta la gestión de la embarcación, la formación de profesionales y tripulantes, y el traslado y preparación de la embarcación para la travesía o navegación de altura.
Our mission is to pass on to our customers the knowledge to experience the magic of sailing safely and confidently.






Our experience has spanned the oceans all over the world.

We are owners, sailors, navigators and professionals who have travelled thousands of miles.
Our experience goes beyond technicality, it was born at sea and has been forged by a long journey of exploring the globe enjoying the beauty of our planet from a privileged perspective. Today, through Yacht Pro Hub we offer yacht owners the knowledge we have gathered, speaking their own language and professionally providing the support they need for safe navigation.
Our know-how can become yours.


Sharing, knowledge and security.

Owning a boat and experiencing sailing can seem difficult and complex.
We believe that having a solid training based on specific skills can make the difference in making life at sea an unforgettable yet safe experience.
Transferring knowledge to our customers is an integral part of our vision, offering dedicated services, professional teams and training experiences.


By sailing, making mistakes and trying again, we found our method.

Davide Zerbinati

Designer, nautical expert, shipowner, sailor, writer, but above all a great connoisseur of the nautical industry and boats. With more than 5000 expert reports, 180 refit projects, two Atlantic crossings and 70000 miles to his credit, he is able to advise, train and advise all kinds of boat owners.


?With passion and dedication, I dedicate myself to my work and try to pass on my experience and expertise both in the classrooms of the Polytechnic, in the courses we organise at the Yacht Pro Hub and in the other training experiences we offer.?


Andrea Giorgetti

Skipper with more than 180000 miles of sailing in all the world's oceans on boats from 27 to 100? Thanks to his experience as an owner, skipper and technician, he has acquired a vast nautical culture, an in-depth knowledge of boats and a fair amount of experience as a project manager. For years, he has collaborated with the nautical magazine Bolina, writing technical articles.


He loves to pass on his skills in order to make navigation more pleasant and safer for captain and crew. With humility and enthusiasm, I aim to teach boat owners how to make the best use of their boat, to guide them in managing and planning work. I offer my experience in preparing boats for long cruises and crossings.


Riccardo Salimbeni

Skipper by profession for 20 years. He has sailed as skipper of both charter and owner-operated boats throughout the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Sea, totalling 50000 miles. In the Yacht Pro Hub he is in charge of deliveries, project management and coaching.


I am a particularly calm and empathetic person, characteristics that combined with my passion for the sea manage to instil an emotional involvement in this wonderful world. I pass on my knowledge and experience with enthusiasm.


I live sailing simply, trying to remain rooted in the fundamental principles of sailing: safety, practicality and technical knowledge.?

Alessio Cannoni

For 25 years he has been working as a sailing boat captain. He has captained, rigged, and maintained a wide variety of boats, from 42 to over 100 feet, from classic boats to multihulls to modern ocean-going foilers; this varied experience allows him to deal with all types of boats and their operation and maintenance. He has sailed some 150,000 miles in the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean, from the Equator to beyond the Polar Circle, cruising and racing.


For me, sailing has mainly meant learning to live and move in harmony with nature; modern man is used to trying to adapt the reality around him to his own needs. At sea, it has to be different: you have to learn to listen, understand your surroundings and respect its rules. This is what I try to convey to those who approach this discipline?


For him, sailing has mainly meant learning to live and move in harmony with nature and this is what he tries to pass on to those who approach this discipline.

Francesco Da Rios (Ghego)

Born in Milan, he has lived and worked in Sardinia for more than twenty years. He started sailing at the age of six with his parents and has never stopped sailing since. From his first experiences as a sailing instructor to his round-the-world voyage, he has sailed more than 120,000 miles. He has worked as a rigger on boats between 65 and 100 feet, has raced in major Mediterranean competitions aboard a Pogo 40, and currently runs his own nautical services and charter company, where he brings all his experience, which he also makes available in his collaboration with YPH.


You don't do this job for so long if you are not driven by a strong love for the sea, but passion and love are not enough: to make a good sailor you need a lot of dedication and a lot of miles. On a boat, as in life, you never stop learning.?


Riccardo Tosetto

At sea for as long as he can remember, he is in love with sailing and deep-sea sailing. After a long training experience with Angelo Preden, he started sailing as skipper of his own charter boat in 2006. For several years, he took part in major competitions in the North Adriatic with his own racing boat, achieving excellent results. He has extensive expertise and experience in all technical and management aspects; aspects that he loves to share with his students. He has sailed in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and the Atlantic, and has four Atlantic crossings to his credit.


In May 2022 it purchased Obportus, a Class 40 with which it will take part in the Global Solo Challengea solo regatta that will take him around the globe.


Salvatore Marchese

Former manager in the service sector with a passion for the sea always in his heart. He has had the good fortune to experience the marine environment in all its facets, appreciating its beauty and learning the respect it deserves. He has sailed in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Caribbean, covering more than 30,000 miles in both cruising and racing. With YPH he seizes the opportunity to combine his expertise in business management and facilities with his passion.


My main role is Service Co-ordinator, organisation and administrative management, but when the opportunity arises and the sea calls I also do delivery.?

He loves a challenge and always likes to see the positive side of things.


?Knowledge is not a personal good, but it acquires value if you share it with others. Sailing for me is the perfect means to restore value to time.?

Emilio Bianchi

Trained as an industrial technician, his interest in the world of boating led him to turn a passion into work. He has sailed throughout the Mediterranean and Atlantic for a total of 20000 miles. In addition to deliveries, he is also involved in boat maintenance.


I am a curious, motivated and positive person, I offer my knowledge and willingness to get involved to solve problems on board. I live sailing and the sea with enthusiasm, for me sailing is simplicity, a concrete way of getting back in touch with nature.?


Isabella Guarducci

Adopted sailor is the definition she likes to use to describe her approach to the nautical world, which began thanks to Andrea Giorgetti, who immediately welcomed her and involved her in his nautical projects. After graduating in Architecture, she dedicated herself completely to the sea and sailing, sailing in the Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean, covering more than 45,000 miles.


Having lived first-hand, and for a long time, on board a sailing boat, allows me to understand the dynamics and passions of those who approach or experience this dimension, a dimension that brings with it the dream and the spirit of discovery, but which also requires preparation and knowledge.?


He has made the space between the waves his own, demonstrating a natural aptitude and ability. With commitment and dedication, he devotes himself to the Yacht Pro Hub with the desire to communicate his experience and his story.


Giulia Visintin

Cuoca professionista, per 10 anni ha lavorato come marinaia e hostess su imbarcazioni a vela fino a 115 piedi. Grazie all?esperienza maturata è in grado di organizzare la cambusa sia per traversate atlantiche, trasferimenti o crociere. Mette a disposizione la sua professionalità per coadiuvare la preparazione e gestione della cambusa, dello stoccaggio, della preparazione dei menù per i pasti, fino alla cucina espressa. Nella Yacht Pro Hub organizza il Food Provisioning ed il Boat Caring.


La sua passione per la natura e il mare le hanno fatto scoprire l?amore per la vita in barca che è stata la sua casa per molti anni. ? Le sensazioni che sento quando sono in mare sono di calma e di libertà ed è proprio per questo che ho deciso di farne il mio stile di vita?.


Giulia ha all?attivo tre traversate atlantiche; ama cucinare, ama stare in barca ed ama soddisfare al meglio le esigenze di ogni singolo armatore con le sue attenzioni e capacità.


Julián Ruiz-Prados Delgado

Julian has been immersed in nautical sports since he was six years old, his love for sailing brought him to race in different dinghy classes and to made his passion his profession. After he gradueted on Nautical Engineering and getting the Professional captain's license, he has sailed on all types of vessels, from large merchant ships to classic and modern sailboats. He has worked as a rigger and has extensive technical knowledge on the most modern sailboats. He is based between Palma de Mallorca and Alicante, Spain. He travels the world for deliveries and coaching, offering his experience , competence and skills.


He crossed the Atlantic four times, and sailed the Indian Ocean, the Baltic, the China Sea and many other incredible places.

"I consider myself a very practical person, with a deep interest in solving technical problems and the challenges that the sea constantly presents, I am fascinated by learning and passionate about transmitting my knowledge."


Giovanni Varasi

Milanese by birth, convinced that an office in the metropolis was no longer enough to satiate the desire of knowledge, he decides to undertake a radical change of life, more dedicated to explore and contact with nature.


La passione per la vela nasce durante un?uscita in barca con amici, e proprio grazie a questo colpo di fulmine decide di lasciare lo smog e il caos per dedicarsi a quello che veramente gli dà serenità. Empatico, positivo e con tanto entusiasmo.


?Il mare mi affascina e spaventa in egual modo, forse proprio per questo ho deciso di dedicarmi a questa professione. È troppo banale rendersi conto solamente delle cose che ci piacciono o che odiamo, trovare un equilibrio è molto più complesso e ci rende più consapevoli?.


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