1. Organisation: The photo contest, named 'SEA what Looks like' hereinafter referred to as 'contest' is organised by Yacht Pro Hub, hereinafter referred to as 'YPH'.

2. Theme and objectives: "SEA what looks like". How do we see the sea? What inspires us about the sea? We put our passion into a picture.

The objective of this contest is to create an opportunity for sharing among those who are united by a love for the sea, in all its forms. Experiencing the sea, and with it the beauty and freedom it brings, is the real motivation we would like to see emerge from this initiative.

3. Authorisation: Pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 430 of 26.10.2001, art. 6, subsection d this competition is not subject to ministerial authorisation.

4. Participation Requirements: The contest is open to all sea and/or sailing enthusiasts who wish to share a common passion through amateur photography.

Participation is subject to acceptance of the regulations and privacy rules.

5. Modalities of Participation:

Participation is completely free of charge. Works must be submitted in digital format, must not exceed 4 megabytes each, and must be sent by e-mail to the mailbox info@yachtprohub.com .

The subject line of the e-mail should read 'SEA what looks like"followed by the first name and surname of the author of the photographs.

6. Ownership of rights: Should the participant not be the owner of the photograph and therefore not be the owner of any wider right of economic use, he/she shall indemnify and hold the Organisation harmless from any claim, including for damages, that may be made against it by the author or the owner of such rights, or by third parties having title.

7. Granting of Licence: YPH cannot be held responsible in any way for the use that third parties may make of the photos downloaded from the sites and social networks where they will be published.

YPH is in no way responsible for any claims made by portrayed subjects or subjects with parental authority over minors appearing in the photographs. The participant grants YPH a complete, non-exclusive, irrevocable and indefinite licence to use all the works submitted. The name (or nickname) of the author will always be indicated.

8. Limitation on the number of photos: Each participant may submit a maximum of 3 photos.

9. Indication to be provided with photos: Author, title, short description (optional), location of the shot (optional).

10. Deadline for submission of photos15 September 2023.

11. Award procedures: the winner will be decreed by a Jury, identified in the person of Danilo Fabbroni. Fabbroni is an esteemed sailor, racer and rigger, as well as a professional photographer. Photographic services by Danilo Fabbroni have been published by CasaVogue Italia, Interni, Ville & Giardini, LaMiaCasa, Bell'Italia, among others.

12. Exclusion of applications: YPH may at its sole discretion exclude entries if it considers them to be non-compliant with the rules, of poor quality, unworthy or for any other reason deemed valid.

13. Finalists: The finalist photos will be mentioned and published on the website www.yachtprohub.com and on YPH's social channels as of 1 October 2023

14. Final Judgement: The Jury's judgement is unquestionable and unappealable. The final judgement will be accompanied by a motivation explaining the criteria and the choice made by the Jury.

15. Prize: The prize (not in cash) will consist of one of the courses organised by YPH at the winner's choice from those proposed below:

- "Metereology applied to navigation "

- " On-board electricity "

- " deck-equipment "

The course calendar will be published on the website www.yachtprohub.com and on YPH's social channels.

16. Results: The result of the competition, and thus the name of the winner, will be announced via social channels and the YPH newsletter, as well as on the website www.yachtprohub.com in the 'News' section as from 1 October 2023.

17. Authorisation and processing of personal data Each participant authorises YPH to process personal data in accordance with Law 196/2003, for all the fulfilments necessary for the organisation and conduct of the competition.

18. Regulation Updates: YPH reserves the right to supplement and amend, at its sole discretion, by giving notice on the site, these regulations in order to ensure the smooth running of the competition.

19. Communication: The competition will be publicised via: website, newsletter and social YPH.

20. Acceptance of Regulations: Participation in the competition as a contestant or voter implies full acceptance of these regulations.