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Through the Delivery Service we support our customers in extending their usual navigation radius or in moving the vessel wherever it is needed.
The customer can rely on the experience of our professionals who, through the use of pre-departure checklists, logbooks and periodic checks during navigation, will provide a comprehensive report on the state of the boat.

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Project Management

With our experience in Managment we can be the safe guide for customers who want to carry out new projects, refitting or simple maintenance on their boat. Throughout the many stages of each required intervention we will be the point of reference or intermediary between owners and technicians. Planning, transparency on the progress of activities and trust with the owner are the characteristics that distinguish us.

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Through an exclusive relationship with the coach, we offer a formula designed and tailored to the owner's personal needs.
The coaching service transfers our expertise and can teach you how to maintain your boat correctly, fostering a deeper knowledge of your boat and thus instilling more confidence in its owner or practices in which you feel you are lacking. Before any intervention, a thorough check of the boat will lead to rectifying any existing problems.

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Every boat is different, which is why, for us, watchkeeping is not only taking care of
of a boat, but of each customer's boat with its peculiarities and specificities
technical and technological. We provide our standards and methodology, we constantly update owners with photos and reports, we offer the flexibility of additional services (provisioning, boat cleaning, etc.), always with a view to a complete service aimed at customer satisfaction and trust.

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Our advice brings added value when supporting our customers. In the many choices a boat owner faces, such as the purchase of a new boat or a technical issue, we support him or her with passion and awareness having experienced those same doubts first hand. Together we make 'being a boat owner' a much safer, satisfying and cost-effective experience.

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Food Provisioning

Una buona alimentazione. Il giusto apporto calorico, la facilità di preparazione dei piatti e la loro digeribilità giocano un ruolo decisivo nella buona riuscita di una navigazione o crociera. L’approvvigionamento della cambusa richiede attenzione e tempo. Poter dare ai nostri clienti un supporto nella gestione della loro barca per noi significa anche coadiuvarli in queste incombenze; su loro richiesta, faremo trovare a bordo tutto ciò di cui avranno bisogno, sia che si tratti di eventi quali regate, lunghe navigazioni, che semplici crociere.

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